GSE association management services are a catalyst for positive change at associations. For over 40 years, it’s been our passion to help achieve missions of trade and professional associations, shaping organizations that provide education, networking and advocacy their members and industries need to survive. Based in the Southern California Orange County metro area, we have a diverse team of professionals that are experienced and skilled in a wide-range of industries and management relationships.


Effective leadership by your association management company (AMC) allows volunteer leadership to devote more time to policy, strategy and ideas. With over 100 years of combined association management experience, GSE has the expertise to meet challenges of your organization.


GSE manages your organization's day-to-day business operations leaving your leadership to focus on serving the needs of your membership. Under management's supervision, customer service orientated staffs perform duties such as member services, managing your membership database, bookkeeping tasks and answering questions about your organization.


Timely financial information is critical in the development and support of association strategic plans. Our staff provides financial reports and supporting schedules to aid in financial decisions. We also provide such services as asset management and assistance in budget preparation. Nonprofit accounting is our specialty, so let us show you how to maximize your association’s operations.


Development of effective communication vehicles can go a long way in attracting and retaining your organization's members. GSE's years of collaboration with other specialists, such as photographers, graphic designers and printers customizes your organization's look and message.


Conference and meeting participants should focus their energies learning and networking. GSE can manage every aspect of your calendar whether you are planning a board of directors meeting or annual conference and exposition. Onsite staff provide critical support necessary to the delivery of high-quality, image-enhancing events.



What is an association management company (AMC)?

AMCs are for-profit businesses that effectively manage day-to-day operations for trade groups, professional societies, not-for-profits and charitable organizations (e.g. IRS 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6)).

Why hire an AMC?

AMCs provide clients flexibility, financial advantages, high level of expertise and accountability. This allows associations to focus on providing value and relevance to their members, which make an AMC a good alternative for managing many organizations.

What services does your AMC offer?

We focus on turnkey management for operating disciplines (ranging from financial to membership to risk management), daily operations (such as staffing, office space, contracts, equipment technologies and member services), meeting and event operations (including board meetings, tradeshows, awards galas).

Why you may be ready for profession management through an AMC?

As the Board starts thinking about hiring, it’s tempting to hire a “friend” of your industry but their talents may not necessarily apply to association management activities. Unless you have a large sustainable budget and can directly hire staff, provide insurance and office space, you need dedicated professional management – AMCs are the best place to look for professional, skilled and experienced management.

What skills are need for successful operation of an association?

  • Association policies and procedures
  • Board governance
  • Professional accounting and finance management
  • Tax and legal advice
  • Contract negotiations
  • Marketing and communications
  • Meeting and event planning
  • Registration and sponsorship funding management
  • Surveys, evaluations and statistical analysis
  • Membership services
  • Database management
  • And so much more!

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    If you are looking for additional information on the practice of association management or event/conference management, these resources may be useful to you. GSE is a member of each of these organizations.

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